Tenant Handbook

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Elevator Malfunction

If you are in an elevator and it malfunctions, remain calm. Modern elevator technology makes it virtually impossible for the elevator to fall. There is no physical danger in a stalled elevator, only the inconvenience of waiting to be released. Pressing the emergency call button located at the bottom of the operator panel of the cab. This will alert KONE Support that the elevator is malfunctioning. KONE will be notified immediately and a technician dispatched to correct the problem. Building Management staff and/or courtesy officers will make all attempts to remain in constant contact and let you know what is being done.


If there is an entrapment during after hours, security will stay in constant communication just outside of the elevator.




We invite you to learn how to implement your own emergency preparedness plans by using the resources from our PREP website.


Take advantage of additional training and resources to build your knowledge and preparedness. Sign in to Preparis to view the multimedia training presentations.


Become familiar with the life safety information specific to your building and location. Sign in to Building Safety Solutions to view the multimedia presentation that will help you in a crisis event.


Purchase first aid supplies and emergency provisions and sign up for CPR, FA, AED training on our custom order site with corporate pricing, product guidelines, and other tools.