Tenant Handbook

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General Building Rules and Regulations

Shorenstein strives to create the most positive environment possible for you and your employees. In order to maintain the positive business environment and minimize the interference by others, we anticipate your cooperation in observing the following Rules and Regulations prescribed by the Landlord.

Please note that the term 'Tenant’ as used in these Rules and Regulations includes its officers, agents, servants, employees, licensees, and invitees.


The following regulations are generally applicable:

  1. No show cases or other articles shall be put in front of or affixed to any part of the exterior of the building, nor placed in the halls, corridors or vestibules.
  2. Tenant shall not use the Premises or any part thereof, or permit the Premises or any part thereof to be used, for manufacturing. Tenant shall not use the Premises or any part thereof or permit the Premises or any part thereof to be used as a public employment bureau of for the sale of property of any kind at auction, except in connection with Tenant’s business.
  3. The Landlord reserves the right to exclude from the Building between the hours of 6:00pm and 8:00pm and at all hours on Sunday and holidays all persons connected with or calling upon the Tenant who do not present a pass to the Building signed by the Tenant. Tenant shall be responsible for all persons for whom it issues any such pass and shall be liable to the Landlord for all wrongful acts of such persons.
  4. The requirements of Tenant will be attended to only upon application at the Building Superintendent’s Office. Employees of Landlord shall not perform any work or do anything outside of their regular duties, unless under special instructions from the office of the Landlord.
  5. There shall not be used in any space, or in the public halls of the Building, either by Tenant or by jobbers or others, in the delivery or receipt of merchandise, any hand trucks, except those equipped with rubber tires and side guards.
  6. No Tenant shall throw anything out of the doors, windows or skylights or down the passageways.
  7. The Premises shall not be used for lodging or sleeping or for any immoral or illegal purpose.
  8. Tenants shall reasonably cooperate with Landlord in obtaining maximum effectiveness of the cooling system by closing draperies when the sun’s rays fall directly on the windows of the Premises.
  9. Any person desiring to use the health and fitness facility shall first execute and deliver to the Landlord a liability waiver form prepared by the Landlord.




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